Islamist intolerance in Egypt goes beyond the new constitution

Excellent article in The Telegraph by Richard Spencer who relates the story of an Egyptian man accused of disrespecting the prophet and who got three months in jail where guards urged inmates to beat him. The Islamist takeover in Egypt goes beyond the new constitution and reflects a changing society where intolerance and cruelty are rising: "Things are definitely worse than under the old regime," said Gamal Eid, of the Arabic Human Rights Initiative. "It is because of the Islamists having power - their sense that they have won." That is only part of the story. Despite regular descriptions of ex-President Hosni Mubarak's old dictatorship as "secular", it too made Egypt a country constitutionally obliged to follow the "principles of Sharia". The laws it promulgated were wide enough and flexible enough to turn the Islamist tap on and off at will, according to the Mubarak's regime's short-term interests. Blasphemy laws have been in place since 1937, and can be...(Read Full Post)