Is school security really such a bad idea?

I'm an attorney in California and I practice Family Law...Divorces,custody, support and all issues pertaining to a divorce. In the 80's, I also practiced criminal law.  In comparing the two areas of law, it was often said among attorneys I knew that in criminal law, you meet the worst people on their best behavior.  In Family Law, you meet the best people on their worst behavior.  And it was true. In the mid-90's, violent action in and around court rooms became such that airport type security was implemented.  First in Family Law courts and later in all courts in California. To enter a courthouse here, you must empty your pockets, place them in a tray and your brief case on a conveyor belt that takes these items through an x-ray machine. You must personally walk through a metal detector and submit to a personal search if the guard deems necessary. I am often stopped for a more direct search because the metal clasps of my suspenders sets off the metal detector. ...(Read Full Post)