Is Kurt Mix Now the Government's Star Prosecution Witness?

On November 15th, the federal government announced criminal charges against three more current or former BP employees for the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Those men got their chance to enter not guilty pleas on November 28th. Two of the men were actually on the rig during the drilling operations and blowout and fire that resulted in the deaths of 11 men. They are Well Site Leaders Robert Kaluza and Donald Vidrine, the highest ranking BP employees with decision making power on the days leading up to the accident. Given that BP has negotiated a criminal plea deal with the government admitting negligence in a parallel negotiation announced on November 15th , the issue of criminal charges for involuntary manslaughter on the part of these BP's employees is at least arguable. Given that neither of the accused has yet testified in a legitimate legal proceeding, their defense is yet to come. Right now we only have the government's allegations. The third defendant, David Rainey, was...(Read Full Post)