IRS issues new rules on Obamacare surcharge

The US taxcode may get 159 pages longer thanks to new rules issued by the IRS on investment income to be taxed as a result of the passage of Obamacare. Read it and weep. Reuters: The Internal Revenue Service has released new rules for investment income taxes on capital gains and dividends earned by high-income individuals that passed Congress as part of the 2010 healthcare reform law. The 3.8 percent surtax on investment income, meant to help pay for healthcare, goes into effect in 2013. It is the first surtax to be applied to capital gains and dividend income. The tax affects only individuals with more than $200,000 in modified adjusted gross income (MAGI), and married couples filing jointly with more than $250,000 of MAGI. The tax applies to a broad range of investment securities ranging from stocks and bonds to commodity securities and specialized derivatives. The 159 pages of rules spell out when the tax applies to trusts and annuities, as well as to individual...(Read Full Post)