How to downsize the federal government

Maybe Republicans need go back to the Gipper's playbook on the deficit.  Reagan once said, "I'm not worried the deficit.  It's big enough to take care of itself."  He certainly had a point.  Reagan was charged with massively increasing spending and borrowing on defense so that liberals would be sort of handcuffed from any big new spending programs for a while.  And, arguably, for a while it may have worked. Now the New York Times laments-in an article I found at CNBC-that instead of defense,  entitlements are swallowing all the money. Consider the president's budget, which by law must include projections of taxing and spending over the next decade. Loath to raise taxes on the middle class yet unwilling to cut deeply into the budgets for Social Security or Medicare, the president and his advisers proposed cutting the discretionary part of the budget devoted to everything except defense and other security agencies to 1.7 percent of economic output by 2022,...(Read Full Post)