How a Man Raised Me

From the time I was a little girl, my father told me I could be anything I wanted to be.  I never doubted him.  While my mom backed him up, I knew the words from him meant even more.  I realize today how important his words truly were and what an amazing alley I had from the opposite sex in the family. Under the freedoms bestowed upon our nation I knew I wasn't alone in the manner in which I was being raised.  Little girls everywhere in the United Stases have been told the same thing from their fathers as I was told twenty years ago.  In the past, it was true.  We could work hard, go to college and move forward in whatever academic field we liked. Like many other fathers, my dad never lied to me.  He made it clear that if I decided to marry and have babies, life would change. He claimed it was always amazing to have a career but no shame should ever be felt in simply being a woman and raising offspring.   It would be hard to juggle them...(Read Full Post)