Give Self-Defense a Chance

After Sandy Hook, Wayne LaPierre, the head of the NRA, wants to offer an armed guard at any school that wants one.  A guard might have saved twenty children's and six adults' lives in Newtown.  Isn't that worth the risk?  If John Lennon had had a bodyguard with a gun, he might still be singing, "Give peace a chance."  Or maybe "give self-defense a chance." The liberals who turn up their noses at LaPierre turn their noses into the stench of collaborative  death.  Negligence is wrongful opinion.  Failure is dogmatic insistence.  What makes them assume that an armed guard wouldn't have saved lives at Sandy Hook?  If there was even that possibility, then we have the responsibility to protect our children. The media would rather allow the worst to happen in our schools than give the right wing a chance to offer solutions.  LaPierre is too practical for liberals, who want good-intentioned failed ideology.  They mock ideas that don't...(Read Full Post)