Fiscal Cliff Follies

Rules haven't seemed to matter much in Washington lately.  So why do people believe that the measures of the fiscal cliff will be adhered to and suddenly implemented?  What makes people think that automatic triggers will kick in this time? Doing the uncomfortable thing in Washington is rare. Is there truly some magic police that shows up and say, "Ok.  That's it.  We are going to implement all these stringent measures."  Not likely. What is probable is that the trend away from the rule book in Washington will continue. That hard and fast deadline will suddenly become an alterable inconvenience. We have seen a not so gradual divergence from business guided by rules and law to business being conducted in the fashion that is most politically comfortable.  Rules are so passé and the neglect is well documented. Elected representatives who swear by oath to uphold the Constitution, trample it daily. They encourage illegal immigration by sponsoring sanctuary...(Read Full Post)