Explaining the Progressive attack on Charitable Deductions

Perhaps the most revealing plank of the Progressive agenda is the curious and obsessive attack on the charitable deduction allowance. It does not require any explanation to conclude that an attack on this deduction is also an attack on the charities themselves.  So, why the attack on institutions that do good, conduct research, nurture, and provide for  the needy? First we must acknowledge that the charitable deduction allowance is commonly abused.  However, this is not a reason to end the deduction.  Foundations that have charitable deduction status have become a mechanism to hide political contributions, payoffs, and fund personal expenses.  The Clintons have several foundations.  Rahm Emanuel has a foundation. Hank Paulson has a multimillion dollar foundation.  There certainly are quirks in other foundations and charities outside of politics. I am certain that there are Republicans that have foundations as well.  The abuses are not...(Read Full Post)