Europe Prays to Paper Peace, Paper God

Cavemen prayed to stones and talismans, but Europeans worship paper gods. Europeans have a bad habit of holding up paper agreements as if they guarantee peace, progress, prosperity. It used to be the price agreement on farm products-from butter to chocolate. Now it is UN declarations that the warring "Palestinian" tribes-the PLO Hatfields and the Hamas McCoys-now constitute a real, living, breathing national state. Most European leaders would resent it if someone said they were irrational, superstitious or even religious, but yet they cling devoutly to a cult that bows to Arab bloc leaders holding aloft pieces of paper promising peace. Superstitious Folly! How else can one look at European  countries voting  in favor of Palestinian statehood only days after a war sparked by Hamas terrorists who comprise much of the national group collectively called "Palestinians?" How else can one look at a UN vote which is itself  a violation of Israel-PLO agreements to...(Read Full Post)