ESPN commentator suspended over racist remarks about Robert Griffin

They call him "RG3" - a rookie quarterback for the Washington Redskins who has become a phenomenon due to his stellar play. The fact that he's black isn't very important - unless you're a black racist who questions Griffin's authenticity. Rob Parker of ESPN did just that, mentioning that Griffin has a white fiancee as well as rumors that he leans Republican in his political choices. Those musings got the commentator suspended by the network: "He's black, he kind of does his thing, but he's not really down with the cause; he's not one of us," Parker said yesterday. "He's kind of black, but he's not really the kind of guy you want to hang out with cause he's off to something else." During the segment, Parker pointed out Griffin's engagement to his white fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat. Parker went on to speculate that the quarterback might be a Republican, but that Griffin's braids added to the "authenticity" of being black. "I want to find out about him," Parker said about...(Read Full Post)