End Runs Could Tame Obama

After four years of Barack Obama's presidency, we well know what to expect from the next four years. We know how he "governs," to the extent that he governs at all: When he's in Washington and not otherwise engaged on the golf course, he invites his supporters to the White House for meetings. And the rest of the time, he's on the campaign trail, taking his proposals "to the people" in certain, select areas that voted heavily for him. Almost unanimously for him, in fact. All of this "governance" is given ample air time by the White House public relations media, formerly known as main stream media, which, along with the president and Democratic leaders, ridicule, demonize, and diminish his "opposition" in every way conceivable. Obama's style of presidential "leadership" in relation to Congress is to talk on the phone with Congressional leaders every six months or so, while his preferred m.o. is to ignore Congress' constitutional mandate to "legislate" by making end runs around them....(Read Full Post)