Egyptians vote on new constitution

The vote will be staggered - many Egyptians will vote today but because there weren't enough judges to oversee the voting due to a boycott, other cities will vote on the constitution next week. Either way, it is assured passage due to opposition parties urging their members not to take part. Reuters: Egyptians queued in long lines on Saturday to vote on a constitution promoted by its Islamist backers as the way out of a political crisis and rejected by opponents as a recipe for further divisions in the Arab world's biggest nation. Soldiers joined police to secure the referendum after deadly protests during the buildup. Street brawls erupted again on Friday in Alexandria, Egypt's second city, but voting proceeded quietly there, with no reports of violence elsewhere. President Mohamed Mursi provoked angry demonstrations when he issued a decree last month expanding his powers and then fast-tracked the draft constitution through an assembly dominated by his Muslim...(Read Full Post)