Egypt: Will the army crack down on demonstrators?

Chaos in Egypt as tens of thousands of opponents to President Morsi stormed the barricades outside of the presidential palace, brushing aside Republican Guards and chanting for Morsi to repeal his edict that places his decrees above judicial review. Telegraph: In a long-awaited televised speech to the nation on Thursday night, Mr Morsi refused to lift the declaration under which he put his powers beyond the scrutiny of judges and insisted the referendum on a new, Islamist-tinged constitution would not be postponed. He called for a meeting with the opposition on Saturday, but his failure to offer compromises in advance, and the increasingly militant tone of Brotherhood statements, infuriated the mainly liberal and secular opposition. "We are against dialogue based on a policy of arm-twisting and imposing a fait accompli," said Mohammed ElBaradei, the former United Nations Atomic Energy chief who is now the opposition's figurehead. One of his allies in the...(Read Full Post)