Egypt: Why It's Onward Muslim Brotherhood Soldiers

Today (Wednesday, 12/5/12), Al-Ahram is reporting that the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and its Sharia supremacist allies are planning "massive" counter-demonstrations supporting President Morsi in front of the presidential palace in Cairo's Heliopolis district, at 4pm. Many analysts remain willfully blind to the Egyptian Muslim population's "thirst for Sharia," and instead dwell excessively upon the so-called "evil machinations" of the MB.  These "experts" ignore five critically more important-and honest-considerations: 1) The MB's taqiyya (sanctioned Islamic dissimulation) is directed only at witless, useful idiots in the West who are more responsible in the end than the MB for such willing susceptibility to this tripe 2) No one in Egypt is the least bit confused about the MB's now 80 plus year openly avowed Sharia supremacist agenda. 3) Hard, repeatedly confirmed polling data make plain that the MB's Sharia supremacism is shared overwhelmingly by Egypt's masses, and the...(Read Full Post)