Egypt arrests suspect in Amb. Stevens murder

There has been no official announcement - probably because the Egyptians aren't finished interrogating him - but sources in Cairo are telling NBC News that a suspect in the slaying of US Ambassador Christopher Stevens has been arrested in Egypt: Mohammed Abu Jamal Ahmed, allegedly a member of a militant group, was detained in Cairo where he lives, the sources said. In addition to the allegations that he was involved in the attack in Benghazi, he is also accused of transporting weapons from Libya to Egypt, the sources added. Ahmed, in his late 30s, was in prison prior to the uprising that deposed former President Hosni Mubarak, but escaped in one of several prison breaks in the aftermath of the revolution, one of the sources said. Ahmed has been known to Egyptian intelligence officials for several years and had "active relations" with radical militant groups involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, the source said. Intelligence officials believe he was involved in trading arms in...(Read Full Post)