Doha climate conference set to sock it to the USA

Ever since global warming conferences have been around, there has been an effort by corrupt, and very poor states to extort money from the industrial west as "compensation" for "damages" due to global warming. The US has continously rejected such a preposterous notion, seeing the concept as an open ended invitation by the poor countries to enrich themselves at our expense. Now it appears that the US delegation at the Doha climate conference is going to allow language in the final draft that will acknowledge the principle of damages as legitimate. BBC: There has been a historic shift in the UN climate talks in Qatar, with the prospect of rich nations having to compensate poor nations for losses due to climate change. The US has fiercely opposed the measure - it says the cost could be unlimited. But after angry tussles throughout the night the principle of Loss and Damage is now in the final negotiating text. Small island states at risk from inundation say they will walk out...(Read Full Post)