Doha climate change talks deadlocked

Good news on the climate change front; fundamental differences exist between the haves and have nots over compensation paid out by nations like the US to poorer countries, as well as the structure of any new climate agreement. Guardian: Talks on a new climate deal ground on through Friday night in Qatar, as countries failed to agree on key issues including: rescuing the Kyoto protocol, finance and compensation for poor countries suffering the effects of climate change, and how to structure a proposed new global climate change agreement. The negotiations, which have gone on for more than a fortnight, looked set to last for most of Saturday. But the marathon session left many delegates hopeful of rescuing a deal amid the frustration and confusion of the night. "We have worked without a break and people realise we need to go home with something," said one delegate. The EU is understood to have proposed a deadline of 3pm Saturday (12pm GMT) for adopting final amendments, but...(Read Full Post)