Dick Armey out at Freedom Works

Making a living online means being part of the rumor mill. And a rumor that's been circulating since shortly after the election was that Dick Armey, Chairman of the conservative grass roots organization Freedom Works, was decidedly unhappy about the organizations role in the election and even less pleased with the results. According to one report, Armey has tendered his resignation. Politico: Former Rep. Dick Armey has stepped down as chairman of FreedomWorks, a conservative organization and dominant force within the tea party movement, it was reported Monday. Mother Jones reported that the former House majority leader sent a memo to FreedomWorks president Matt Kibbe, asking to be paid through the end of the year and that his name be removed from all publications affiliated with the organization. The split was not amicable, according to the report. "Obviously I was not happy with the election results," Armey told Mother Jones. "We might've gotten better results if we had...(Read Full Post)