Critical for Thee, but Not For...

Like everyone else with the tube on this Sunday evening, we just watched the president's speech in Newtown.  Obama handled it well, but I was admittedly amazed at the overtly religious tone of his address and his many references to God -- more than I can ever recall hearing from this man in a single speech.  All in all, though, I think he served the nation well as our representative and spokesman to this grieving community. We were watching Sunday Night Football when NBC cut away to cover the president's speech.  And while I grumbled, old curmudgeon and football fan that I am, covering the address was arguably the right thing to do, considering what a tragedy had occurred.  So I have no problem with NBC regarding the cutaway, although I'm undeniably no fan of their diminutive Democrat sportscaster, Bob Costas, and his penchant for injecting politics into the nation's favorite December pastime. What just occurred to me, though, when we were returned to the game...(Read Full Post)