CPUSA and Obama Voters: Perfect Together

If I were to compare my Obama-supporting friend's politics to those listed by the Communist Party USA's agenda, they would be one and the same. But if I were to ask him if he is a communist sympathizer, he would be taken aback and probably call them extremists. However, these words of Sam Webb of CPUSA could have come right out of my friend's mouth: It was instead a vote [electing Obama] for jobs, housing relief, health care, withdrawal of our troops from Afghanistan, an end to U.S.-led wars in the Middle East, preservation of the social safety net, health care access, reproductive rights, and equal pay for women, infrastructure renewal (an issue that took on greater importance after megastorm Sandy), marriage equality, a larger commitment to public education, a tax system in which the wealthiest families and corporations pay a much larger share, reform of our punitive and anti-democratic immigration laws, a reduction in unconscionable inequality, a legislative and electoral system...(Read Full Post)