Costas: The Worm Squirms

Bob Costas, is demonstrating more feints and jukes than the NFL's best running backs and probably wishing he could have a replay of his Sunday night miss-step. In commenting on the murder/suicide of Kansas City player, Jovan Belcher, Costas, who appeared to call for stricter gun control measures in his half-time editorial, got sacked in his own backfield last night by Bill O'Reilly. Costas, whose fearful demeanor in his appearance on O'Reilly's show, indicated that he was most likely on a corporate-called play of penance, dictated and demanded by his network masters, was far too easily trapped in his own end zone by former quarterback, O'Reilly, with a quite simple play. Costas had earlier opined to another news source that the presence of a gun in the hands of any legally licensed carrier during the recent Colorado theater shooting would have made no difference in outcomes. O'Reilly then asked Costas, eyeball to eyeball, as across a third down and very short line, that if he had been...(Read Full Post)