Commerce Department without a leader for five months

I guess a cabinet department whose mission statement reads, in part, that it is responsible for "job creation, economic growth, and improved standards of living for all Americans..." isn't that important to the economic recovery to warrant naming a replacement for John Bryson who resigned suddenly on June 21. Rep. Lee Terry writing in the Washington Times: We have heard a lot from President Obama about raising taxes, health care reform, Republican obstructionism and controversial nominees for Cabinet posts that currently are filled. However, we have not heard much from him about whom he plans to nominate to lead the agency tasked with implementing important policies that affect American workers and businesses every day. Coincidentally, this is the only agency without a leader in Mr. Obama's Cabinet. It is unfortunate that the American people have been left to rely on vague media reports detailing conversations the president may have had with candidates who won't confirm...(Read Full Post)