Clinton Tarver, the hot dog guy, is getting a new cart

Clinton Tarver, the entrepreneurial owner of Clint's Hot Dog Cart and Casual Catering in Lansing, Michigan whose business was destroyed because he served his culinary creations to all including right to work advocates and union closed shop proponents, will hopefully be back in business soon.  

After union thugs smashed his cart during the recent demonstrations protesting the signing of Michigan's Right To Work law,  a local lawmaker's aide, Lorilea Zabadal, created an online site to raise money for a new cart.

Success!  According to Fox News; the site raised over $33,000--enough for a new cart.  The grateful recipient generously responded,

"I'm overwhelmed," Tarver said Friday. "The public has shown such love to me. You never know your true friends until you get down and I've had people I thought were pretty close to me and they've given me one call. You learn from your endeavors."


Tarver, who won't be selling dogs curbside again until March, said he'll unveil a new hot dog cart when he does thanks to his newfound fortune. "First of all, I'm going to get a brand new cart," he said. "And I have sick sister, so I'm going to help her out and I'm going to help my church too."

And he'll also honor the site's creator. 

"Well, she's a vegetarian and it's really odd that she started this website for me," he said. "So there's going to be a Lorilea hot dog. And it'll be vegetarian." Tarver's cart will have other new offerings come next spring, although nothing has been finalized as of yet, he said. "Right now, I'm just thanking everyone for the gifts and love they've shown me," he said. "I've forgiven the people who broke all of my stuff. I've prayed for them and that's where I'm at now." 


Tarver said he has put countless hot dogs in Lansing's hungry mouths in the 15-plus years he has operated in and around downtown Lansing. But with a fancy new cart expected by March, he thinks next year may be best season yet. "Sometimes God just has your back," he said. "For this to happen to me, one of his most grateful servants, is just a blessing. He's showing me that he's looking out for me after this tragedy. I am excited and Lord knows I've wanted to get a new cart. Now I can pay cash."

Cash.  Not credit.  No debt.  Are you listening legislators?