Clinton Tarver, the hot dog guy, is getting a new cart

Clinton Tarver, the entrepreneurial owner of Clint's Hot Dog Cart and Casual Catering in Lansing, Michigan whose business was destroyed because he served his culinary creations to all including right to work advocates and union closed shop proponents, will hopefully be back in business soon.   After union thugs smashed his cart during the recent demonstrations protesting the signing of Michigan's Right To Work law,  a local lawmaker's aide, Lorilea Zabadal, created an online site to raise money for a new cart. Success!  According to Fox News; the site raised over $33,000--enough for a new cart.  The grateful recipient generously responded, "I'm overwhelmed," Tarver said Friday. "The public has shown such love to me. You never know your true friends until you get down and I've had people I thought were pretty close to me and they've given me one call. You learn from your endeavors." (snip) Tarver, who won't be selling dogs curbside again...(Read Full Post)