Children's letters to Santa

I always look forward to the Christmas edition of the bi-weekly newspaper in our little southern, rural town (pop 8500 and home to an orphanage). The paper publishes local children's letters to Santa. I enjoy reading through these letters and even like looking at all the festive advertisements from local merchants, wishing us a Merry Christmas. I am in awe of all the time, care, work, and expense that goes into these letters, on the part of the children, their teachers, parents, aides, volunteers, the newspaper staff (the one, lone editorial assistant must type them all into the computer), and local advertisers, none of whom are doing very well in this economy. Most of the letters sound cute and amusing to the ears of grown up readers, although many of them (too many) show their authors' need for major remedial work in spelling. About half the children waste no time in getting right to the point and giving Santa their list, yet several of the letter writers are extraordinarily polite,...(Read Full Post)