Chavez suffers complications from cancer surgery

Is it a death watch? Hugo's designated successor and vice president Nicolas Maduro is in Cuba where Chavez underwent cancer surgery a few weeks ago. The bulletins are not sounding promising: "President Chavez's state of health continues to be delicate, with complications that are being treated in a process that is not without risks," he said. Maduro spoke in Havana, Cuba, where Chavez is undergoing treatment. He said he met with Chavez, who has not been seen in public or heard from for weeks. "Thanks to his physical and spiritual strength, Comandante Chavez is confronting this difficult situation," Maduro said. The Venezuelan president first announced he was battling cancer in June 2011. Chavez, 58, has not disclosed what type of cancer he has, and the Venezuelan government has released few details about his illness, fueling widespread speculation about his health and political future. Last year, Chavez had surgery to remove a cancerous tumor and has undergone further...(Read Full Post)