Boehner's Plan B failure may cost him his speakership

That rush of air you feel on your face is America going over the fiscal cliff. In one of the most gruesome moments for a speaker of the House in recent history, John Boehner was forced to give up on getting a vote for his "Plan B" fiscal cliff proposal that would raise taxes on millionaires and cut virtually nothing from entitlements. Beohner was hoping to put pressure on the White House to come to a deal more to the GOP's liking. Instead, his own caucus rejected him, castrated him, and tossed him to the wolves in what might be a sign that his speakership is in trouble. The decision to break off negotiations with Obama and try to pass his alternative plan in the House was questionable to begin with. Senate Democrats promised not to take it up, and Obama promised a veto. As a statement that the GOP was serious about negotiations, it fell far short and would have done little to deflect blame from Republicans. Clearly, Boehner was better off negotiating with the president rather than his...(Read Full Post)