Boehner and Cantor Must Go

Speaker John Boehner's "Plan B" (B as in "Big Bomb") is as dead as a Cowsills' 45 record.  Vinyl doesn't wear well in the digital age, and Speaker Boehner's plan to raise taxes didn't woo GOP House caucus members or tea parties and grassroots conservatives across the republic.  Boehner and his team were effectively trying to legislate against their party's conservative base and the outcome was thankfully predictable.     Speaker Boehner, Majority Leader Cantor, and Boehner's other lieutenants have made a fine botch of not only their negotiations with President Obama, but the PR war that rages for the hearts and minds of Americans (such is just a continuation of the ham-handed Romney campaign's poor communications and outreach strategies during the presidential election). Boehner and Cantor were clearly knocked off their strides after Mr. Obama's unexpected victory (for many on the right) over Mitt Romney.  They haven't seemed to recover since that...(Read Full Post)