Beijing's South China Sea gambit: The view from India

The rising Chinese assertiveness in the South China Sea as evident from its unilateral declaration on 29th November, claiming exclusive jurisdiction over disputed islands is a serious concern for India as well as ASEAN nations particularly, Philippines and Vietnam. China has not only rejected the objections raised by these South East Asian nations but has also announced new rules through its Hainan province (which administers the South China Sea for China) to allow for interception of ships passing through the international shipping lanes. Defense analysts say that Hainan's move is another step in China's bid to solidify its control over much of the sea, which includes crucial navigation lanes over which more than a third of global trade passes. The Chinese step has raised concerns not only in the region of fears that simmering disputes with South East Asian nations will escalate, but also of rising tensions in the Indian Ocean and Asia-Pacific region. The Secretary- General of...(Read Full Post)