Battered Woman Syndrome and Obama

Bravo TV's late night host Andy Cohen, met up with pop star singer Rihanna for some Facebook Live! chitchat. After interviewing the "tipsy" singer, Cohen may have inadvertently hit on something about the 2012 election when he reported Rihanna had become the most liked person on Facebook with 62.5 million fans. That is just a hair over the amount of people who voted for our President. I think Rihanna won the election. That's not a bad assessment. In fact, it's pretty profound. Leave it to a TV executive who's written a book on pop culture to capture the Obama win in a nutshell. What better symbol to mark the president's victory than a 24-year old battered woman who just collaborated on a song with her ex-boyfriend abuser titled "Nobodies Business." Since pollsters believe it was the 66% of women under 30 who helped put Obama over the top, could there be a connection between Rihanna's 60 million plus fans and Obama's reelection? What about the battered woman syndrome (BWS) in...(Read Full Post)