Barack Obama's 'Gangnam Style'

It's become a habit for Americans to embrace charismatic individuals without knowing anything about them. The reason could be that our nation's culture has devolved to the point where we're shallow, uninformed and more apt to esteem celebrity above patriotism. As a result, there are America-haters among us who have become rich and famous thanks to the accepting nature of the American people.  Take Park Jae-sang, also known as PSY from the PSYcho World.  PSY is South Korea's very own Pee Wee Herman/pop star whose "Gangnam Style" hit is all the rage right here in the country he apparently abhors. What's disturbing about PSY's popularity is that it says more about the star-struck American public than it does about the K-pop star. In Park's case, happily clueless, young and old alike are donning sunglasses, black and white loafers, and bow ties and dancing around "Gangnam Style" like undignified fools. Think about it -- the "King of You Tube" phenomenon PSY is enjoying is...(Read Full Post)