Attorney Doug Mataconis guests on Moran's show

Before most of the 20 dead children had gone cold in the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting, both sides in the gun control debate had begun forming their talking points, skewering their political enemies, and trying to ascend the moral high ground. This is politics in modern America. He who gets their first, with the most, gets to set the parameters of the narrative and define the issue. In this case,. the momentum for some kind of gun control legislation is building and at this point, looks difficult to stop. Tonight's episode of the RINO Hour of Power will look at issues surrounding the shootings in Newtown and examine the tragedy from both sides. We won't make any more sense of the shootings. But we hope to clarify areas of commonality between the two sides. Host Rick Moran, tonight's guest host, Rich Baehr of the American Thinker, and special guest attorney Doug Mataconis will have a lively discussion on the shootings, as well as looking at...(Read Full Post)