'Animal House' antics by GOP of Florida at conference

It was the sort of rowdy gathering that Sens. Edward Kennedy and Chris Dodd might have enjoyed in their skirt-chasing partying days. Except this party or "retreat" at a swanky hotel - paid for by the Republican Party of Florida - was for the benefit of Republican lawmakers. And to the outrage of House Speaker Will Weatherford, some of those public servants behaved like the denizens of the infamous Delta Tau Chi in the movie "Animal House." Now the 33-year-old Whetherford - the youngest speaker in years - has issued a public apology to fellow Republicans while trying to get to the bottom of who did what at Disney World's most upscale hotel and resort. As the Miami Herald reports: Weatherford said he's still trying to learn what happened, but was concerned enough about reports of rowdiness that he apologized to members the next day and warned he could not condone "unruly behavior." The outing began the Tuesday night after Thanksgiving at the Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, the...(Read Full Post)