And Major Nidal Hassan still draws breath

The mass murderer Nidal Hassan is still unpunished.  In light of the tragedy of the past week, and all the legitimate outrage regarding mass shootings, where is the demand for the swift and measured justice of another mass murderer, Major Nidal Hassan? What miracle protects Hasan from this rightful outrage resulting from other mass murders? Where is his swift punishment? What of the victims and families of victims that died at his hand? What of the public demand for justice in his case? Somehow Jared Lee Loughner, the insane gunman who shot up Representative Gabby Giffords and others while klling 6, has been tried and sentenced.  The Arizona shootings happened on January 8, 2011. Yet Hassan remains untried and unpunished even though his mass murder spree occurred on November 5, 2009, 14 months prior to the Arizona shootings. In the past, military justice moved expeditiously.  Yet the Fort Hood incident and the prosecution of this murderer seem to warrant special...(Read Full Post)