Sanitizing Adam Lanza

Amid all its political correctness and ideological distortion, one thing often overlooked concerning the mainstream media is its essential strangeness, its near-total separation from any behavior, attitudes, or ideas that could be defined as "normal". We find yet another example of this in the treatment of Adam Lanza, the Newtown CT shooter. A photograph released by the wire services reveals a delicate-looking kid with a shy smile and a goofy haircut.   The standard reader's reaction would amount to a shake of the head and a "what could have made such a nice kid do it?" But there's another photo extant as well, one that has not seen such wide circulation:   Apart from the fact that it would scare the hell out of Hannibal Lector, this shot leaves no doubt as to "why he did it": because he was as crazy as they come. This stratagem involving photographs immediately calls to mind the Zimmerman shooting, when the media released, and heavily played up, photos showing Trayvon...(Read Full Post)