Gay Dads and The Parent Trap

Never before in history have children been born with the explicit purpose of being deprivedof either a mom or dad.  Yet children who are brought into this world to satisfy the wants of gay and lesbian couples enter the world in exactly this way.  They live with the knowledge that one of their biological parents will remain forever an enigmatic phantom. The children of genderless marriages are a contrivance meant to complete the picture of the tidy house and white picket fence existence of gay and lesbian couples.  I'm gay; I'm well-acquainted with this.  Until recently, children were viewed as a pure gift from God.  Now new laws undefining marriage are producing the sad result of undefining children as well, reducing them to chattel-like sources of fulfillment.  On one side, their family tree consists not of ancestors, but of a small army of anonymous surrogates, donors, and attorneys who pinch-hit for the absent...(Read Full Post)