Who's getting rich off of GOP defeat?

Eric Erickson at Red State has been tracing the web of ownership and (conflict of?) interests among the various Republican consulting operations, the 527s and staff at the RNC, NRCC, NRSC, etc. It is complex, but here is a sample. TargetPoint Consulting and WWP Strategies, two groups connected to Alexander and Katie Packer Gage, both received money from the Romney Campaign wherein Katie Packer Gage served as deputy campaign manager while also serving as a partner at WWP Strategies. Katie Packer Gage's husband, Alexander, is the CEO and founder of TargetPoint Consulting, which got money both from the Romney campaign and also from Restore Our Future, the Romney Super PAC. Also getting money from the Romney Super PAC was the Black Rock Group. Carl Forti is a partner at the Black Rock Group, the political director of American Crossroads, and a senior strategist for Restore Our Future. He also has ties to the Romney campaign itself, having served as Political Director for Campaign...(Read Full Post)