Where we go from here

John Podhoretz of Commentary has a thoughtful article today, on "The GOP's Way Forward," re-thinking what went wrong and responding to the doomsayers who bemoan the putative hopelessness of the future of conservative politics.  There are many worthwhile observations in the piece, fodder for future discussion, but I particularly admired the balance and insight of his evaluation of Mitt Romney's candidacy. Podhoretz is a clear-eyed observer of the bigger picture, and made the valuable observation that the Obama campaign shaped the very field the GOP had to choose from: There were more attractive, more presentable, and more (theoretically) electable possibilities-potential candidates as conversant with conservative ideas as they are with practical governing strategies and who possess the vocabulary to unite the two. But those possibilities might either have had problematic family issues or other private matters they did not want aired-or they were simply intimidated by the...(Read Full Post)