What we lost on November 6

Well, now that it's over - and it is, OVER - I might as well add to the requiem vault.  I made this list Monday evening before the last vestiges of the Constitution were steam-rolled by Zombies, and the lamp of Liberty grew dim.  Many good-hearted patriots are bucking-up, dusting off their Patrick Henry and Thomas Paine quotes, but the fact is, ObamaCare - a colossal, debt-driven nightmare - will, indeed, transform America (as per Obama's wish), and the radical quislings for whom he is sovereign will press forward on many fronts. What was at stake - and lost - last Tuesday? -Religious liberty and the Constitutional protection of moral conscience; -Abundant, affordable energy--the key to economic prosperity and growth; -An American military capable of protecting our national interests and projecting power, when and where necessary, around the globe; -Affordable, accessible, and innovative health care based, increasingly, on transparent pricing, choice and competition; -A...(Read Full Post)