What Israel Must Do

Israel must choke off the endless supply of weapons and missiles into Gaza by repossessing the Philadelphi Corridor -- the narrow strip of land separating Egypt from the Gaza Strip. It should do this as a most basic but vital military act for its own security and survival. It can still do so while only Hamas rules in the Gaza Strip and should have done so long ago. There is now no more need for smuggling tunnels beneath the Egypt/Gaza border. Instead, endless fleets of trucks openly bring into the Strip from Egypt -- the big Muslim Brotherhood -- the most sophisticated weapons and missiles from Libya and Iran needed by Hamas -- the little Muslim Brotherhood. Only by possessing the Philadelphi Corridor again can Israel hope to stem this lethal tide. The question is, will Israeli leaders continue the same fearful and timid policies that too many have shown when dealing with the Quartet, the U.N., the Obama Administration, and the EU. I fear Israel will find that the Gaza Strip becomes...(Read Full Post)