What Have They Really Won?

A temporary reprieve, that's what. I am reading a lot of doom and gloom in the posts and comments on American Thinker this morning. Yes, yes I know -- four more years of Obama. That does stink. But, has Obama really won anything permanent? I would argue that he has not. Let me go into some of the reasons why. I will address the obvious worries of my fellow American Thinker readers one-by-one. Obama will turn the US into an entitlement state The U.S. was an entitlement state long before Obama. He only accelerated the process. However, in doing so, he also accelerated the pace of cities and municipalities acknowledging the budget shortfalls they had been hiding for decades. Now they are falling like dominoes and he is powerless to stop it. He is also powerless to stop governors like Scott Walker from enacting reforms that bring real prosperity. The media will not be able to hide this forever. It is too close to home or coming soon to a city near you. The Democrats will have a...(Read Full Post)