What Happened in Miami-Dade?

Before we scrap the entire conservative agenda, it might pay to look at some numbers, starting with Florida.  In 2008, Obama beat McCain in Florida by nearly three percent In 2012, Romney outperformed McCain's 2008 numbers in virtually every Florida County.  And in those few counties where Romney fell short, it was by a hair. Of note, too, in only one state did Obama perform better than he did in 2008, and that, somewhat understandably, was New Jersey. Yet in Miami-Dade County, Obama improved his results by an astonishing five percent over 2008.  If Romney had performed as well here as McCain did in 2008, he would have won the state -- presuming that outstanding Florida ballots break somewhat evenly.   Those closer to the ground may be able to explain the Miami-Dade numbers, but until I hear that explanation, color me suspicious.(Read Full Post)