Welcome to the USA; Third world nation

It's official - the United States of America has become a third world nation. Tens of thousands on the East Coast are still without electricity, are coping with a fuel shortage that could last for weeks and are lacking access to basic necessities such as food, health care and shelter; FEMA, the government agency in charge of providing these necessities closes down when a slight storm is forecast while New York's Mayor Michael Bloomberg refuses to allow the National Guard to patrol the crime ridden streets despite the pleas of local officials because he believes only the police should have guns; the overwhelmed Red Cross is unable to help much.   But never fear, foreign help is on the way.  Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders is presently providing vital medical care to countries suffering from "man made disasters"  eg, wars, violence and ethnic strife in such countries  as Syria, Sudan and Honduras or enduring natural ones such as...(Read Full Post)