'We Must Never Despair'

In May 1780, the Continental Army suffered its worst defeat when Cornwallis took Charleston. Later that summer, Horatio Gates and the Continental Army were soundly defeated at Camden. Cornwallis planned to head north and attack Washington in Virginia. In October 1780, Washington appointed Nathaniel Greene to the command of the southern army. Between October 1780 and August 1781, Greene led a band of outgunned troops and militia in battle against Cornwallis across the Carolinas. He never commanded more than a few thousand men against Cornwallis's 30,000. In October 1780, the patriots at last inflicted a defeat on the English troops. Thereafter, it was a war of attrition and nearly every battle was "lost" in the military sense. But at the end, Cornwallis's troops dwindled to 15,000, he quit Charleston for Yorktown and the victory for liberty was secured. General Greene's animating philosophy during the darkest times of adversity which he faced in those 10 months...(Read Full Post)