We all got religion!

The vast majority of Americans believe in God; only 2.4% of Americans don't believe. But even that 2.4% have principled beliefs and moral values. What if the government could tell anyone that they had to directly fund and support things that violated their most firmly and passionately held beliefs? What if the government told atheists they had to buy Bibles for their Christian workers and that the atheists would have to ensure that there were Bible groups in place so workers would know how to use the Bible?  It'd be ok since the atheists wouldn't actually have to read the Bibles right? What if the government told Orthodox Jews that they had to pay for pork in the cafeteria at their business and they had to provide chefs to teach workers how to cook pork? It'd be ok since the Jews didn't have to eat the pork right? What if the government told Quakers that they had to buy their employees guns and train them to fight as part of the National Guard?  It'd be okay since the...(Read Full Post)