Viva Agustin!

You have probably never heard of Agustin Blazquez. It is way past time that you did, for Mr. Blazquez has been one of our cause's unsung heroes for decades. Agustin fled his native Cuba as a young man in 1965. His family conspired to get him out by securing papers for study abroad. He left both parents and all his relatives behind, never to see them again. You can read Agustin's account of his escape here. Agustin is an artist by trade, but like many of us who know what the Left is really about, has always felt it a duty to use his skills to express his concerns and counter the Left's relentless propaganda. Agustin recently completed a full-length documentary Connecting the Dots. It features Cliff Kincaid, Anita MonCrief, Tina Trent and yours truly, and as Agustin describes, "is an expose of the lies, deception, scam and fraud of Obama and his supporting network of organizations that helped him win the presidency, the financing behind the organizations and the connections with George...(Read Full Post)