Viva Agustin!

You have probably never heard of Agustin Blazquez. It is way past time that you did, for Mr. Blazquez has been one of our cause's unsung heroes for decades. Agustin fled his native Cuba as a young man in 1965. His family conspired to get him out by securing papers for study abroad. He left both parents and all his relatives behind, never to see them again. You can read Agustin's account of his escape here.

Agustin is an artist by trade, but like many of us who know what the Left is really about, has always felt it a duty to use his skills to express his concerns and counter the Left's relentless propaganda.

Agustin recently completed a full-length documentary Connecting the Dots. It features Cliff Kincaid, Anita MonCrief, Tina Trent and yours truly, and as Agustin describes, "is an expose of the lies, deception, scam and fraud of Obama and his supporting network of organizations that helped him win the presidency, the financing behind the organizations and the connections with George Soros and the Communist Party U.S.A."

One reviewer said of the film: "Found that, Connecting the Dots to be excellent, informative and the visual was fantastic..."

This summer, Agustin produced the short film The Unvetted which tells the story of Frank Marshall Davis, how he was discovered to be Obama's communist mentor, the recovery of Davis's 600 page FBI file, and the media's cover up. That film can be watched online at no charge.

Since the 1990s Agustin has produced such documentaries, usually with no outside support, using his own resources to expose the truth about Cuba and the American Left. Unlike liberal producers, who get funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, PBS and others for all kinds of quack "documentaries," Agustin has never secured funding from any of these organizations, despite his many qualifications.

Most notable is his Covering Cuba series, initiated in 1994 and culminating in 2009 with Che, The Other Side of an Icon. Che includes rare testimonies from people who knew Che personally, including people who were in the notorious La Cabana prison while Che administered it. Che was known for both his sadism and cowardice.

Covering Cuba 1 Cuban American professionals in the U.S. explain the condition of Cuba's education, health care, economy and infrastructure before Castro. Contrary to the communist narrative, Cuba had a robust, thriving economy, and high living standards.

Covering Cuba 2 - The Next Generation covers second generation Cuban-Americans who, unlike so many of their American contemporaries, have no illusions about the despotic Castro regime or the leftists here who support it. They have become politically active.

Covering Cuba 3 - Elian The history of the case of the 6 year old Elian Gonzalez from the Cuban American expert point of view.

Covering Cuba 4 - The Rats Below reveals how Archer Daniels Midland conspired with the Clinton Administration to assist Castro in retrieving Elian Gonzales from America after Gonzales' harrowing escape

Covering Cuba 5 - Act of Repudiation The story of a classical guitarist, his wife and three daughters who were subjected to an 11-day mob attack because Castro discovered that they wanted to leave Cuba during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift. It lays plain the routine nature of this kind of brutality.

Covering Cuba 6 - Curacao The story of three Cuban dock workers sent to Curacao to work as slaves under horrible conditions by the Castro regime. Castro gets 95% of their monthly salary and each worker gets $16 a month. Their ordeal and their escape from bondage.

Covering Cuba 7 - Che, the Other Side of An Icon The real story of the Argentinean psychopath Ernesto "Che" Guevara told by the witnesses and victims of his crimes and the person who captured him. The real Che is nothing like the T-shirt icon or the Motorcycle Diaries. PBS refused to fund or even air the film.

My Decision The history of the extraordinary Cuban singing star Luisa Maria Güell, who was sent to a forced labor camp when Castro's regime learned she wanted to leave Cuba. Her escape and rise to fame in Europe where she received the Edith Piaf gold medal.

Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! The story of the New York Cuban American actor Jay Alvarez and the play he wrote about the 1964 escape by boat of his family from Cuba when he was five years old.

You can purchase Connecting the Dots and other DVD's, here.


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