'Used-Syringe Republicans' Will Lead Romney Landslide

Is everyone sufficiency nervous about today's election?  I'm not.  I still foresee a huge Romney win.   You've heard of "Broken-Glass Republicans"?  The term was first used in 2008 to describe Republicans willing to crawl across broken glass to get to the polling place and vote.  I think what the nation is going to see today is a Republican base far more motivated than that -- let's call them "Used-Syringe Republicans."  Those are Republicans like me who are so eager to vote Barack Obama and the Democrats out of office that they would eagerly crawl butt-naked through dumpsters full of used needles out back of the local AIDS clinic to cast their ballots.  Earlier today I broke down and, after a few months, took a look at some of the polls that had so many of my friends depressed and in a tizzy over the last few days.  I can see why.  The polls are all over the place.  I'm glad I ignored them for as long as I did.  Otherwise,...(Read Full Post)