UN advances effort to grab control of the internet

Next week, the UN's International Telecommunications Union will convene a meeting Dubai aimed at grabbing control of and taxing the internet, all in the name of global peace, justice, and harmony. The revolutionary interactive telecommunications medium is simply too useful for ordinary people to inform and express themselves, and too democratic for the majority of regimes that comprise the United Nations. Far from being a democratic institution devoted to peace, the UN represents the interests of its members,  whose numbers are overwhelmingly comprised of repressive third world regimes. Claudia Rosett of PJ Media continues her invaluable work covering the attempt to strangle communications freedom in its crib: Here it comes again - another United Nations-sponsored grab to control the Internet. Next month, Dec. 3-14, the UN's International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is holding a conference in Dubai, at which UN member states will meet to update the ITU treaty...(Read Full Post)